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"patience isn't my strongest suit"

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Logan has found his center since The Wolverine, and in DoFP we see him at peace with his role in the grand scheme of things, as a soldier, a survivor; as one of the last of a handful of mutants left alive and free in a world that reviles and subjugates his kind.

He's much more focused now, driven by the needs of the mission: get his mind sent back to 1973, locate Charles Xavier, and stop Mystique from fucking shit up for everyone. He's not all SRS BSNS though, as his initial arrival in the past shows: Logan has a certain dry humor and an acerbic wit when confronted almost immediately by mafiosos.

Banging the mob boss's daughter he was hired to protect? Heh, sounds like his old self alright. Now get out of his fucking way, he's got shit to do. Steal the thugs' car while he's at it? Well if they don't NEED it anymore...

That ability to roll with the punches and adapt to pretty much anything life throws at him has been a huge help to Logan throughout his life. Though he might not be precisely sure of what the fuck is going on, he remains grounded, demanding answers, accountability, and a solution, even if that solution is "I am turning the Hell around and leaving you to your own shit". Logan has a knack for cleaving through the bullshit and getting right to the heart of the matter, unwilling to let himself get mired in useless crap. There's no time to waste on what-ifs and what-I-could-have-dones, when he has the present to deal with, and stubborn, fearless drive to see it done.

Nonetheless, he's not been left untouched by the tide of war and loss. His past history with Stryker affected him very deeply, and proves a nasty trigger when confronted by the man. It's one of only two times we see him hit so hard in such a way it affects his future self. In this instance, he loses himself to flashbacks of Alkali Lake and needs Kitty's help to realign his mind back in his past body. The second time? He's in tremendous pain from having rebar wound through him, and he's also drowning. Ow.

That's not to say he's all Mr Unruffled throughout his trip back, but Logan shows a tremendous amount of patience for a guy who admits, self-deprecatingly, that "patience is not [his] strongest suit". Confused to find Charles a hopeless, alcoholic druggie, he puts up with the man's disbelief, his mockery, and finally his rude af scorn before finally losing his temper. Even when he does, it's not for the sake of his own pride that he's angry: he's angry on behalf of those he cared for who've died in the future, and who Charles mocks by being a dismissive little shitheel.

Logan hasn't lost the respect he has for Charles, despite their initial rocky start. Though we don't see it in DoFP itself, that Logan knows so much about Charles's own painful history makes it quite clear that they've become good friends in the future, and Logan is the sort of guy to repay friendship with loyalty and his brand of warmth. He proves himself a worthy mentor, even if he thinks he's rather shit at it, encouraging his allies, providing direction, and strategizing as they try to fix history.

It's a common fandom trope that Logan is Mr Gruff and Glaring Who Says Nothing Except A Token 'Fuck Off'. While it's true that he's generally taciturn, it isn't because he has nothing to say. On the contrary, he can be quite eloquent when the need arises, but he's still more liable to speak in actions than in words. Words mean shit if you aren't gonna back them up.

To those who he's NOT close with, and when he's at his worst, Logan can easily come off as rude, abrasive, distant and cold, even thoroughly anti-social, qualities we see more during his slide into depression in The Wolverine, and with his AU future self in Logan. Though we don't see massively-depressed!Wolverine in DoFP, it's still a potential for him if his entire world basically slides into shit without an out or support from allies. So yeah, let's avoid that.

IN CLOSING, Logan is a grounded, gruff Canadian bro with a heart of gold, a streak of loyalty a mile wide, and the guy you want on your side when she shit hits the fan.

Logan is a soldier through and through, with decades of military training and combat expertise under his belt. In a fight he's most proficient in hand-to-hand, and even without the use of his claws he's no slouch. He's a pretty good shot when the need arises, as well.

Quick on his feet, he's extraordinarily adaptive. He's had to suck it the fuck up and make do for a lot of his life, and living without modern conveniences isnt anything new to him. A capable outdoorsman, Logan also has a great deal of survival experience to his name, which comes packaged with a lot of familiarity with North American flora and fauna.

Even without his healing factor and his other powers, his skeleton is still encased in adamantium, with the musculature to support such a frame. As such, he's still strong as an ox.
SCRUBS COLOR: Hunter Green
AGE: 191
HEIGHT: 6'3"
PHYSIQUE: Like a brick shithouse
HAIR: Brown w/ silver temples
DEFINING MARKS: None, except for his hair
EYES: Hazel
ACCENT/SPEECH: General American, with a gruff edge.
BEARING/DEMEANOR: Aloof, a bit judgey with new folks, and a sort of calculated intensity. A lion at ease, that knows he's likely the biggest threat in the room.
GAIT: Purposeful, with his shoulders squared.

MIND READING: Yes; let's talk
FIGHTING: Yep! R u sure?
INJURY: Yes; let's talk
KILLING: Maybe; let's talk